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School Overview

St. Luke’s is a home with a relationship, attitude, and Spirit that goes beyond the typical school setting.

St. Luke’s is a ministry serving students and families from 3 year old preschool through 8th grade. We help children experience God’s love through reflective reconciliation, exciting worship, enthusiastic teaching, and heartfelt prayer. Our teachers are radiant, creative, and committed followers of Christ using every available resource to bring the healing presence of Jesus’ love to the classroom and each child in their care. The classrooms become a safe and warm haven for children to learn, grow and explore their love of God. We are committed to providing a quality Christian education to make our students successful in a changing world.



St. Luke’s vision statement is:

St Luke’s Christian Academy fully incorporates and embraces the mission and purpose of our Church. We envision a student body prepared for a life-long love of learning, service to community, and love of neighbor as expressed through our organization and Synod. Through implementation and use of emerging technologies as identified through best practices, students in their formative years will grow to fully realize their capacity as contributing members of an ever changing society. Students will be uniquely prepared to confront future challenges through a passion for innovation, while maintaining a full appreciation for the societal and organizational foundations passionately built by others. As a result of active school involvement in our community through service and engagement, students will embrace a sense of duty to society that will develop future leaders with a full knowledge of their responsibility to others in our community today, as well as an appreciation for the needs of generations yet to come. Through a continued demonstration of love through the passionate execution of teaching responsibilities by our staff, and through a heartfelt partnership with our school families, students will embrace a “love of neighbor” as expressed in our faith and bring that compassion for “neighbor” into an ever-changing and increasingly complex world. All of this will result in the development of leaders prepared to address the needs of future generations, with a compassion lovingly maintained through servant leadership.





[We proudly serve the entire Fox Valley area (including, but not limited to Montgomery, Aurora, Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, Naperville, Plainfield & Sugar Grove).]