Coding and Robotics

All of today’s kids will need–-along with reading, writing, and arithmetic--a basic understanding of computation and the role it plays across a wide range of disciplines. Coding is engaging and empowering. It is a necessary 21st Century Skill.”

--Jan Cuny-Program Officer, National Science Foundation

St. Luke’s Christian Academy is one of the first schools in the area to make Coding and Robotics part of our curriculum and not an extended program. All students will be taught skills that develop their learning to include:

  • Decomposition, which encourages students to break down a problem into more manageable steps.
  • Functions nested in loops and conditionals-a specific programming terminology and tasks, which require students to create complex algorithms (a series of directions) with stored actions that can be executed in a repeated manner for either a finite or infinite amount of time.
  • Transmission and sorting of data, which focuses students on designing and building a digital environment.

St. Luke’s Christian Academy teaches Coding and Robotics at all grade levels using online and unplugged lessons:

  • To reimagine how students learn and gain the skills they need to succeed in our fast-changing world.
  • To help students use problem-based learning and computational thinking.
  • To ignite engagement, self-directed discovery, and deeper learning throughout our school community.