Mission, Vision, and Values


St. Luke's Christian Academy utilizes emerging technologies and best practices in teaching and is actively involved in service to our community. Our staff are passionate about teaching young minds and maintain heartfelt partnerships with students and their families.



Students at St. Luke's Christian Academy are...

  • Prepared for a life-long love of learning, service to the community, and Christian love for others.
  • Prepared to grow into contributing members of an ever changing society.
  • Uniquely prepared to innovatively confront challenges while maintaining appreciation for existing foundations.
  • Prepared to embrace a sense of duty that will develop future leaders with a full knowledge of their responsibility to others.
  • Prepared to develop into compassionate servant leaders to address the needs of current and future generations.



St. Luke's Christian Academy values...

  • And embraces the mission and purpose of St. Luke Lutheran Church.
  • Love of learning, service to community, and love of neighbor.
  • The implementation and use of emerging technologies.
  • Partnerships among staff, students, and families.
  • Servant leadership.