Spiritual Foundation



As a Christian school, in addition to a quality education, our goal is to provide a solid spiritual foundation.  We help each child deepen their relationship with their Lord and Savior through a Bible course, a Christian atmosphere that reflects the fruits of the Spirit, discipleship opportunities and Christian virtues and values that reinforce those learned at home and at their church.

  • Christian Perspective Our Christian attitude is expressed in all interactions with students, staff, and parents on a daily basis, which reinforces the Christian values our students have learned at home and in their churches.
  • Daily Prayer Prayer is a very important aspect of the school day.  Each day starts with prayer and also occurs before and after lunch plus through the day as the situation dictates.
  • Chapel Chapel is an important part of the curriculum at St. Luke's.  Once a week the students and staff gather for a 30-minute service to hear an age appropriate message, sing songs, and pray together. 
  • We believe that a person's healthy development includes a spiritual dimension in addition to cognitive, behavioral, and social components.  The service is based solely upon the Bible and teaches the basic elements of the Christian faith agreed upon by protestant and catholic denominations.  Often the students participate as service leaders helping to increase their confidence and self-image.  Parents and family members are always invited to join us for this special mid-week time of rest and renewal.
  • Dedicated Class Period Just as with academic classes, one class period each day is dedicated to building a strong spiritual foundation through reading Christian narratives in preschool through 2nd grade and an actual Bible Course in grades 3 through 8.
  • Descipleship Opportunites  Our students are provided an opportunity to serve others throughout the year such as collecting food in the neighborhood for a local food pantry and packing food for the starving children of the world.  Nine different opportunities are provided to our students. 
  July 2020  
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